Hi there!

A huge, warm hello and welcome to you! 

I’m Ané Auret, the Dating Coach for women starting over in love after breakup or divorce - and I specialise in supporting women to confidently get back into the dating scene and open up to a new relationship so they can attract the right person for them and find love again. 

It's so wonderful to welcome you and connect with you here. I also want to acknowledge you for committing and investing in yourself in this way.

How to get started with the Ready To Find Love Online Training:

  1. Watch the Welcome video above
  2. Download your ‘Ready to Find Love’ Workbook (see PDF icon below)
  3. Complete your Personal Relationship Readiness Quiz in the front of the workbook to get your Relationship Readiness Score and identify which areas to look at in more detail
  4. Look at the corresponding Course Index to see all 21 video titles (menu tabs at the top of this web page). You can either start right from the beginning and follow the sequence, or pick and choose those that feel most relevant to you right now.

The Relationship Readiness Quiz and the virtual workshops are connected.

Every individual video is created to address the related question in the Quiz.

 For example: 

Video for Day 1:  "Creating Your Ultimate Life Vision" is directly related to Statement 1 in the Relationship Readiness Quiz: 

“I KNOW WHAT I WANT MY LIFE TO LOOK LIKE GOING FORWARD – I Have A Clear Vision For My Life. I Can Envision My Perfect Life In Rich Detail That Feels Strong, Very Real, And Keeps Me Motivated. I Know The Legacy I Want To Create With My Life”

Both the Relationship Readiness Quiz and the related virtual workshops have been designed to support you in mastering your personal dating journey, to make sense of what may have gone wrong in the past, learn how to attract the right person for you and ultimately to find love again - without investing time in the wrong people, "settling" or getting stuck in another relationship that is not the right fit for you.

It is designed to help you:

  • GAIN INSIGHTS - Discover hidden barriers, blocks and blindspots that may be sabotaging you and keeping your from the love you want
  • GET CRYSTAL CLEAR - Absolute clarity on what you want your next relationship to look and feel like
  • A NEW YOU - Make sense of what went wrong in the past, understand your habits and patterns and get good at being you again
  • OPEN UP TO NEW LOVE - Overcome your fear of dating and meeting someone new and instead feel supremely confident in your ability to attract the right person for you

In every session I share with you key steps or a foundational piece that have helped me to create a new relationship and second marriage where I finally have the connection and commitment I was looking for all along.

And now I help my clients do the same.

Know this - you absolutely have what it takes to find and attract the right person for you and to create a new relationship that may be even better than you can imagine right now.

I'm so glad you're here and I appreciate being part of your journey.

If you have any questions or comments for me at all, just get in touch at ane@datingcoach.uk



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